Holistic, trauma-informed therapy for individual adults

Emily Kedar offers holisitc, trauma-informed, relational psychotherapy for adult individuals in Toronto, Ontario and online from the comfort of your home.

Welcome. I’m glad you’re here. I’m a Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Canadian Counsellor serving adults in person in Toronto and online throughout Ontario.

Life can feel too intense, sometimes. We all deserve support. Psychotherapy can be a powerful way to work through those moments in life when we can’t see a way forward- when we feel stuck, lost, alone, disconnected, overwhelmed and small.

Whatever you may be struggling with, you don’t have to do it alone. In the context of a strong therapeutic relationship, we can make sense of your experience and help you work through it, together.

I offer integrative and relational trauma-informed therapy that draws from my formal training in Internal Family Systems, EMDR, and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. 


About Emily Kedar

I hold a Masters of Education in Psychology from University of Toronto, and was clinically trained at Women’s College Trauma Therapy Program. I practice from an anti-oppressive, inclusion-focused and client-centered framework. I draw from the inherent healing properties of creativity, connection, movement, and nature, and ground my sessions in evidence-based therapeutic intervention. I specialize in working with clients who identify concerns relating to histories of trauma, as well as anxiety, depression, social struggles, major life changes, chronic shame, and emotion regulation struggles. I help clients rediscover or deepen a sense of safety and vitality in their bodies, their choices and their relationships.  

I respect the complexity of your experience and we will always go at your pace, setting goals collaboratively. I draw from my formal training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, a leading evidence-based modality that acknowledges the body’s wisdom and resilience, and brings somatic awareness into talk- therapy. I also draw from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, as well as Ecopsychology and Depth Psychology. Outside of integrative talk therapy, I also offer EMDR therapy, a leading trauma processing modality.

I am also trained as Forest Therapy Guide, and can offer sessions in the outdoors as a way of deepening a felt connection to the living world, calming the nervous system, and nourishing the spirit.




The Journey

One day you finally knewWhat you had to do, and began, Though the voices around you Kept shoutingTheir bad advice‚Though the whole houseBegan to trembleAnd you felt the old tugAt your ankles.“Mend my life!”Each voice cried.But you didn’t stop.You knew ...
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Breaking Surface

Let no one keep you from your journey,no rabbi or priest, no motherwho wants you to dig for treasuresshe misplaced, no fatherwho won't let one life be enough,no lover who measures their worthby what you might give up,no voice that ...
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I Go Among Trees

I go among trees and sit still. All my stirring becomes quiet around me like circles on water. My tasks lie in their places where I left them, asleep like cattle. Then what is afraid of me comes and lives ...
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